Tailgating is an informal way to sell products or promote services at the International Black Bear Show.

As the name indicates, it’s generally done off the back of a pickup truck, but that’s flexible.

Here are the basic rules of tailgating:

  • Tailgaters must pay a $100 tailgating permit fee which includes the entire weekend.
  • Officials will issue a receipt that you can display to prove that you have paid.
  • If tailgaters sleep in the vehicle/camper, there is a $10 per night camping fee per person.
  • Only one vehicle is allowed per tailgating space. In the case of large campers or motorhomes, tailgating permits for large vehicles will be issued on a case-by-case basis. In some cases you may be required to pay for two tailgating permits.
  • In addition to one vehicle space, Tailgaters may have an area approximately 12’ by 12’ where they can either lay out a tarp on the ground or erect a canopy.
  • We ask that tailgaters line up in an orderly fashion, which is not only good for the look of the grounds, but also good for sales because it makes it easier for people to see all the displays.
  • No Food may be sold in the tailgating area.
  • Tailgaters are fully responsible for the security of their items, day or night. The Black Bear Show does not provide security in the Tailgating areas.
  • Tailgating is limited to the spaces marked on the accompanying map.

Thank you for observing these rules and cooperation with the people around you in the tailgating area. Having this informal feature available is dependent on cooperation and the spirit of good will by everyone involved.

Copyright, Black Bear Promotions, LLC.